"Oh What a Mouthful"

Is this our silliest, most colourful creation so far? These colosally craniumed characters are sure to turn heads wherever they appear. With interchangeable features and costumes and liberal use of Velcro they can be adapted to suit any event or theme. Seen here as, "The Substitutes" and that well known trio of artistic titans, Frida KahloVincent Van Gogh and Charles Rennie MacKintosh.

Our three creative geniuses are very keen to display their work. Some lucky passers-by at Glasgow's Merchant City Festival received one of Frida's legs, Vincent's chairs or an original drawing from "Toshie" made on the spot.

Reinventing the Bicycle

“Pray, dearest gentlefolk, allow us the privilege of introducing a most marvellous invention. A veritable two-wheeled wonder! A transportational trailblazer! A first-class ticket to freedom! We think it might just change the world! 

Our three curious characters from the past would like to share their new invention with you. Featuring a beautifully hand-crafted, historic bicycle, this act is entertaining, informative and visually striking. 

"The Da Vinci Squad"

An interactive, street-theatre work of absolute genius. Leonardo and his chums, Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man "Vinnie" will share artistic wisdom, wit and songs with the public. Entertaining and informative, the squad are particularly interested in encouraging the creative pursuits of younger geniuses.

As a little something extra, Leonardo will be delighted to bring along his, "Macchina della Pace" (peace machine), as a participatory,  performance activity.

"Reinventing the Wheel"

Our extremely colourful characters from ancient history began by reinventing the wheel.  What will they invent next? Whatever it is, its guaranteed to generate entertainment and laughter and a health dose of silliness.


Transported to the present day from a wonky, alternate moment in time and space, Futuronics will share their hilarious vision of the future. Our intrepid time travellers have all manner of technological marvels and mind-boggling information to share.

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