About Future Follies

Glasgow based Future Follies is a brand new venture created by highly experienced hands. Our mission is quite simple: to share warmth, laughter and joy with people  whenever and wherever we can.

We produce hilarious Street Theatre of the highest possible quality while aiming to keep ourselves as cost effective and low maintenance as possible.  We are very family friendly and really appreciate the value of sharing laughs and imagination with children and young people. Of course we also have  more than enough good natured banter and cheek to entertain more mature audiences.

Our acts are all interactive but we are very sensitive to the fact that not everyone wants to engage in conversation with a six legged crocodile sort of thingy. With this in mind our performances are designed to also work on a purely visual level. Our colourful costumes and props are made with great care and attention to detail and are a standout in any crowd. People can enjoy our physical capers and set-piece routines without fear of being too closely entangled.

Our performers are some of the most experienced and skilled in the country. They are hand picked not only for their great comedic talents but also for their reliability, warmth and ability to engage with people. From witty one-liners to twenty minutes of sparkling comedy improvisation, we can do it all.


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